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The program is made up of eight 13-credit modules, each of which requires an average of 150 hours of study, including lectures, seminars, workshops and private study. The program is designed to further develop your career in management, it covers a wide range of contemporary issues and develops the critical, analytical and technical skills needed by senior management staff. The program will also develop the academic skills required for further study at a postgraduate level.

Program Structure

The program is a two-stage MBA journey, consisting of 8 core modules in Stage 1 (award by NCC Education UK) and top-up modules with a chosen UK University for Full MBA award. The 8 core modules, taught in the classroom, account for a combined total of 120 credits (15 credits each), while the second stage modules account for 60 credits

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Stage One Program Structure

Provides the essential skills and knowledge required for studying at postgraduate level. The module is designed to support study in the program’s other modules and to develop transferable skills useful at managerial level.

Coverage of a wide range of contemporary issues in strategic marketing with a particular focus on the international cultural dimension.

Examines some of the contemporary themes associated with managing people. A thematic approach to the subject develops an awareness of the concepts and theories that underpin organizational behavior and Human Resources management.

Develops an understanding and an ability to critically appraise decision making relating to operations management in both the manufacturing and services sectors

Considers the effective use of information and knowledge by managers in organizations and the technology used to manage, capture and derive information and knowledge.

Focuses upon strategic analysis by utilizing a set of analytical techniques for better understanding, helping to influencing a company’s position in its actual and potential marketplaces.

Develops the knowledge and skills needed for senior management and for further academic research, including critical and creative thinking, complex problem solving and decision-making.

Considers the responsibility of managers for the financial resources under their control and introduces control and management techniques.

Stage Two Program Structure

On successful completion of the Stage 1 courses, students can proceed to top-up courses(research methods and dissertation projects) at any one of the following universities to be aware a Masters of Business Administration (MBA):

  • University of Worcester
  • University of Northampton
  • University of Plymouth.

The program is assessed by a mixture of assignments and examinations, offered over two assessment cycles per annum. Candidates will complete a piece of assessed work for each module.

We are looking for students with a wide variety of experience and relevant academic qualifications.

Selection will be based upon:

  • A completed application form
  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject area from a recognized UK university ( or equivalent award from a non-UK university )
  • OR
  • Three years’ work experience at managerial level with significant responsibility for resources (staff, financial, physical, etc.) together with an honours degree in a non-relevant subject area from a UK university or its overseas equivalent.
  • OR
  • Five years’ work experience in a relevant industry
  • AND
  • If the student does not have an undergraduate degree that was wholly taught in English, he/She will need to have IELTS 6.5 or above

Access to Campus, NCC Education’s online learning environment designed exclusively for students which contains program information, past examination papers, examination dates and much more. Lecture handouts are supplied and recommended student reading lists are provided. Opportunity to study for a British qualification, locally, Improved academic and research skills equip students with the knowledge for further study. The acquisition and development of critical, analytical and technical skills needed for positions of senior management.

University of Worcester
University of Northampton
University of Plymouth